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Pleased to meet you!


Thanks for visiting my website! I love a delicious piece of cake and have since I was

a little girl when I used to make cakes with my Easy Bake Oven.


My love of baking really took off after my Girl Scout leader presented a special 6

week cake decorating class. Something clicked with me and at age 14 I made my first wedding cake and never looked back. My love of baking has progressed from those childhood days and over the past 30+ years I've refined my techniques, defined my style and searched out the best recipes and then tweaked them to create consistently luscious works of decadent baked 'art' that not only appeals to the taste but to the eye as well. Cakes are my first love and I truly believe that a cake must look and taste incredible. I believe in beautiful, simple, 'homemade' deliciousness.


My goal is lovely,simple, delicious, baked goods suited for intimate gatherings

and events.


Thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to baking with you!


Tana Carmichael

Owner + Principal


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